How to Hire the Right Entertainment for Your Event

How to Hire the Right Entertainment for Your Event

You can pull out all the stops for an event, but it can fall flat simply if you booked the wrong entertainment.


Here are some tips on how to make sure you’re hiring the right type of entertainment for your next big party.


Define What Your Event is About

The first step to pulling off a great event is to make sure you clearly know the purpose of the event, and that that is conveyed to your fellow planners as well as guests.


Do you want a carefree party vibe, or is this a professional gathering that needs to be reigned in? Are you trying to engage your guests, or would you rather the entertainment be part of the background noise?


Knowing this can help you determine if you should book a band, or someone like a stand-up comic.


Know Your Audience

This goes hand-in-hand with clarifying your goal. If you have a group of guests who don’t know each other and your aim is to get them talking, consider a comedian that might hit upon experiences in their bits the guests can talk about further after the act is done.


If you know your crowd is a lively one, pick a band with upbeat track lists who also work to get the crowd up on their feet on the dance floor.

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Utilize Professionals

Connecting with a company who specializes in live entertainment booking can save you time and money.


These entities have a curated list of talent to choose from, each of which they know well. If you can give them the rundown on your event and your expectations for it, it’s likely they can suggest the proper talent to make an impression on your guests.

circus performer

You can also surf this type of company’s website on your own to compile a list of possibilities as you whittle down your list of vendors.


Be Clear on Expectations

When you reach out to book entertainment, clearly outline what you expect from them. This can include letting them know what the vibe of the event is, who the guests are, and also what your budget is.


If you want them to engage the audience, or you’d rather them stick to the stage, make it a point to tell them that so you aren’t left feeling disappointed with unmet expectations.


Make Sure the Venue is Right

If you’re looking to book a hard rock cover band, you don’t want a small venue in a quiet neighborhood where the music may come across more like noise.


If you’re hiring a physical entertainment act, like acrobats or other circus arts, be sure there is ample room for performance.

  1. aerialist

Be aware if you need a stage, lighting, or a sound system, and ask what the entertainment themselves may be able to provide.


Do Your Research

There are plenty of entertainers out there vying for the attention of event planners. Look into the history of each, view any clips available that showcase their talents, read reviews, and – best of all – try to get out and actually see them during a performance to gauge if they’re right for you.