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My blog was featured on one of my Top favorite makeup sites !I consider it quite an honor because I am absolutely in LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVE with their products. Honestly, to hear me talk about them on set, you would think they are paying me to (ummm, ps. they’re not, but what a great idea!).There …

New Movie Released

Vamperifica Trailer from Vamperifica on Vimeo. I was the dept head of Hair and Makeup for this crazy dark-comedy about vampires. Can’t wait to see the screening on May 1st, it should be a blast!

Another peek into my makeup kit ….Foundation for Women of Color

A quick note on another foundation favorite – The Iman products are fantastic! I am using them on Xosha Roquemore,(from the movie Precious) The “Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup” not only stays fresh take after take, but combined with the “Second to None Semi-Loose Powder” I no longer have to worry about constant touch ups. I …

MY COMMERCIAL IS BACK UP! Michelle Jonas Travelwear

Cinematographer Tim Naylor | Michelle Jonas Travelwear I am proud to announce that my commercial for Michelle Jonas Travelware is back up and running!I had the good fortune to work with Cinematograher Tim Naylor and his wonderful crew. check it out and let me know what you think?

I made the cover !

http://myemail.constantcontact.com/The-Rebirth-of-Karma—-.html?soid=1102930748792&aid=JEMsGP-NHl0 I did the hair makeup and styling for Karma Krafting’s gorgeous jewelry catalog, never in a million years did I think they would use me as a model for the cover !thanks to Suzanne at KK, for her gorgeous creations, and Steven DeVita for beautiful photography https://karmaloves.wordpress.com/

My Commercial for Michelle Jonas travelware

I am so proud of this new work.This is an ad that I worked on for Michelle Jonas travelwear. A great designer with gorgeous dresses!I had the pleasure of working with Timothy Naylor a cinematographer who’s work is nothing short of genius. I look forward to your feedback www.dyanaaives.com

A peek inside my makeup kit ……..or ………. My desert island list

First and formost….The Foundation  I’m giving away secrets here so pay attention–LOLOver the years I’ve tried just about every foundation, MAC, Blasco, RCMA, (including the dept store brands for personal use)one brand leaves these all in the dust….(say it with me kids), KohGenDo.I was introduced to KohGenDo a few years ago while doing makeup for …