A peek inside my makeup kit ……..or ………. My desert island list

First and formost….The Foundation 

I’m giving away secrets here so pay attention–LOL
Over the years I’ve tried just about every foundation, MAC, Blasco, RCMA, (including the dept store brands for personal use)one brand leaves these all in the dust….(say it with me kids), KohGenDo.
I was introduced to KohGenDo a few years ago while doing makeup for the VMA’s. I got rave reviews and lots of them, and knew that there was no going back. 
Recently while doing a camera test for the movie “Price Check”, I met this DP who told me “listen, you and I are probably not going to be friends, i hate the look of makeup on my actors, I hate seeing it in my lens, oh and I’m shooting HD, keep that in mind”. WOW!
Ps….I’m sure you can guess how this ends. He came up to me afterward and asked me to write down which products I used because he couldn’t believe how gorgeous the skin looked. That was it, I was out to show them all I was using “the good stuff”. 

Parker Posey was my female lead. 
Mind you she is my favorite actress of all time, but she is tough.
She brings her own products, not because she is stubborn and will only use her own,because she is from “theater people”. They do their own makeup, they know their shit, they know what works and gets it done quickly, so they can go relax, study their lines, get into character, that kinda stuff.
I’m determined to make her see how amazing she is going to look. 
I use it all. She cracks.
Now she absolutely loves this makeup! She is in love with the concealer and the apricot peach fresh face brozer. (carries it in her “on set” purse)
She even used the compact and lipstick as part of a scene, so keep an eye out for that.
But it’s all about achieving that look. The luminous, sun-kissed, nothing but clean living and sunshine skin look.  So here’s the secret.

Here’s what I used :

ignore the costume, look at the face…..

in 023 with a little 113 mixed in for exact skintone.
Maifanshi Makeup Color Base Pearl White on cheeckbones to highlight.
Maifanshi Face Powder 12g for all over diffused look and to set makeup
Fresh Face in Apricot-Peach for a glow of bronze 
 * and Hot Mama blush by The Balm * more on that brand in a minute….
and finally 

and a Jane Iredale lip stain whose link I cannot find, but was nonetheless indispensable. 

Stay tuned for more on my list and other looks from the film……..